The research group of Novel Materials and Methods for Separation and Detection of Biomolecules has about 25 members including 7 staff scientists and 20 graduate students. This group was founded by Prof. Hanfa Zou and now is headed by Dr. Mingliang Ye. The mission for our group is to develop novel methods for the analysis of complex samples especially proteome samples. We developed some nice methods for analysis of proteins and their post-translational modifications (Refer to the representative works for detail). We developed a series of method for the analysis of protein phosphorylation. For example, we developed an immobilized Ti(IV) affinity chromatography (Ti(IV)-IMAC) to specific enrichment of phosphopeptides which enabled the identification of phosphorylation sites with high sensitivity. We also RP-RP chromatographic approaches for efficient separation of phosphopeptides, which resulted in the identification of 22446 phosphorylation sites in human liver tissue. Recently, we have developed a highly efficient approach for large-scale identification of phosphotyrosine (pTyr), which enabled the identification of >10,000 pTyr sites from 9 cell lines. We also developed some nice approaches to analyze protein glycosylation. We developed a peptide N-terminal protection strategy for comprehensive glycoproteome analysis, which leaded to identify 30% more de-glycopeptides. We propose a novel high throughput strategy that combines spectra of deglycosylated peptides and intact glycopeptides to identify intact glycopeptides, which led to the identification of 2249 intact N-glycopeptides with unique combination of sites and glycan composition. We also developed a glycoproteomic micro-reactor which enabled identification of 92 unique N-glycosylation sites from only 10 nL of human serum. In addition, we also developed some software tools for proteomics analysis.


Prof. Mingliang Ye
Division of Biotechnology,
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Dalian 116023, China
Tel/Fax: 0086-411-84379620


1992-1996, Anhui Normal University, Wuhu, China

Undergraduate student in Cheimstry

1996-2001, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Dalian, China

Ph.D student in Analytical Chemistry under supervision of Prof. Hanfa Zou

2001-2003, University of Washington, Seattle, USA,

Post-doctoral fellow working with Prof. Norman Dovichi

2003-2004, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA

Post-doctoral fellow working with Prof. Ruedi Aebersold

2004-2006, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Dalian, China

Associate Research Professor
Selected in the 100-talents program of CAS

2006-present, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, Dalian, China

Research Professor


Research interests

1)New approaches for analysis of protein post-translational modifications
2)New proteomics approaches to elucidate the enzyme-substrate relationship
3)Mass spectrometry-based approach for identification and quantification of proteins

Representative publications:
1) Yangyang Bian, Lei Li, Mingming Dong, Xuguang Liu, Tomonori Kaneko, Kai Cheng, Huadong Liu, Courtney Voss, Xuan Cao, Yan Wang, David Litchfield, Mingliang Ye*, Shawn S.-C. Li*, and Hanfa Zou*. Ultra-deep tyrosine phosphoproteomics enabled by a phosphotyrosine superbinder, Nature Chemical Biology, 2016, 2016, doi:10.1038/nchembio.2178.
2) Ye, Mingliang*; Pan, Yanbo; Cheng, Kai; Zou, Hanfa*. Protein Digestion Priority is Independent of Protein Abundances. Nature Methods, 2014, 11: 220-222. 
3) Houjiang Zhou#, Mingliang Ye#, Jing Dong, Eleonora Corradini, Alba Cristobal, Albert J R Heck*, Hanfa Zou*, Shabaz Mohammed*, Robust phosphoproteome enrichment using monodisperse microsphere–based immobilized titanium (IV) ion affinity chromatography, Nature Protocols, 2013, 8,3,461-480
4) Pan, Yanbo; Ye, Mingliang*; Zhao, Liang; Cheng, Kai; Dong, Mingming; Song, Chunxia; Qin,Hongqiang; Wang, Fangjun; Zou, Hanfa*. N-Terminal Labeling of Peptides by Trypsin-Catalyzed Ligation for Quantitative Proteomics. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2013, 52(35): 9205-9209. 
5) Zhang, Zhang; Sun, Zhen; Zhu, Jun; Liu, Jing; Huang, Guang; Ye, Mingliang*; Zou, Hanfa*. High-Throughput Determination of the Site-Specific N-Sialoglycan Occupancy Rates by Differential Oxidation of Glycoproteins Followed with Quantitative Glycoproteomics Analysis. Analytical Chemistry, 2014, 86(19): 9830-9837. 
6) Liu, Fangjie; Ye, Mingliang*; Pan, Yanbo; Zhang, Yi; Bian, Yangyang; Sun, Zhen; Zhu, Jun; Cheng, Kai; Zou, Hanfa*. Integration of Cell Lysis, Protein Extraction, and Digestion into One Step for Ultrafast Sample Preparation for Phosphoproteome Analysis. Analytical Chemistry, 2014, 86(14): 6786-6791. 
7) Pan, Yanbo; Ye, Mingliang*; Zheng, Hao; Cheng, Kai; Sun, Zhen; Liu, Fangjie; Liu, Jing; Wang, Keyun; Qin, Hongqiang; Zou, Hanfa*. Trypsin-Catalyzed N-Terminal Labeling of Peptides with Stable Isotope-Coded Affinity Tags for Proteome Analysis. Analytical Chemistry, 2014, 86(2): 1170-1177. 
8)Junfeng Huang, Hongqiang Qin, Zhen Sun, Guang Huang, Jiawei Mao, Kai Cheng, Zhang Zhang, Hao Wan, Yating Yao, Jing Dong, Jun Zhu, Fangjun Wang, Mingliang Ye*, Hanfa Zou. A peptide N-terminal protection strategy for comprehensive glycoproteome analysis using hydrazide

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